Tuesday, 27 August 2013


All conscious life is aiming at still greater perfection, completeness, beauty and diversity. In the course of this development it is at times necessary to be critical of your-self or of others you are in relationship with. Because if the already existing is to be perfected still further and room created for further growth, old shells that have become superfluous must be regularly discarded. And your own critical discernment or that of those who know and love you well, is helpful in showing you what is to be changed or exchanged to accomodate room for more of your beautiful diversity. However, being critical is not the same as being judgmental, although they are easily mistaken one for the other by the Ego. True criticism is free of judgement, comparison and personal opinion. It acknowledges the staus quo as such and in addition points out where/how it can be optimized. Whereas to be judgmental is comparative, opinionated, derogatory and always finding fault and lack with the already existing.

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