Friday, 1 November 2013


There is a silence which only appears to be one and one, which is real. To be truly silent is an inner state of utter stillness which is filled with Light and Love and comes with a sensation of blissfulness. In such a state of silence your consciousness is becoming like a still surface of deep water in which the people you are spending time with can see themselves reflected clearly. And you yourself resemble the dark outer-space out of whose depths creativity and life arise continuously in new forms. However you can also be only seemingly silent without actually experiencing silence yourself because inwardly you are busy following round your thoughts and emotions. Or because you would like to speak but dare not or know not what words to say exactly. Thus your silence is portent with unspoken words charged with emotions which you are sending out involuntarily. They invisibly touch your surroundings and call forth a reaction in those who are coming into contact with them.

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