Saturday, 9 November 2013


To personally like something is like an inner "yes". Indifference created by sincere personal non-attachment, too, has the effect of an inner affirmation. Whereas to dislike or to be negatively indifferent in the sense that you are frustrated and have given up hope is the same as an inner negation.
To experience something of your natural liking is causing you to be effortlessly happy. And, of course, also the opposite applies here. Therefore, if you wish to be generally happy in life, you have to teach yourself to like whatever it confronts you with - beginning with your own self. Or you can learn to practise indifference towards personal matters whilst allowing your consciousness to rest in the awareness of Light and Love.

Here are a couple of practical suggestions how to strengthen your capacity to say "yes" inwardly to personally challenging situations and to be less subjected to your natural dislikes. These exercises are also conducive to your positive will-power.
- Get on your bike on a stormy day and cycle towards the wind. And consciously resist the temptation to get into a mental/emotional fighting mode in becoming impatient to be faster or angry at the wind. Instead try to say "yes" to every new gust of wind whilst you are battling your way against its current. Steep up-hill cycling offers a similar opportunity to practise positive thinking towards a given situation in life.
- Go running/walking in the pouring rain and enjoy yourself - instead of worrying about becoming ill due to the wet state of your clothes and shoes. Teach yourself to say "yes" to the experience and do not allow your mind to dwell upon thoughts along the line of how you should/would have rather stayed at home in this kind of weather etc.

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