Thursday, 21 November 2013


In restful sleep the soul is leaving its current physical self in order to visit places of Light and to be with its loved ones. This kind of sleep allows you to wake up refreshed, feeling light and with a rested body the next morning.In restless sleep your soul remains locked in the Ego-self in a maze of personal feelings, thoughts and physical desires. Hence in waking up the next day you are feeling confused, tired, heavy both psychically and physically because neither your mind, nor your emotions nor body have been truly resting.
If you are able to drop off into sleep easily it is indicative of a deep-seated trust in your self which is allowing you to surrender your identification with your Ego effortlessly for the duration of the night.
Whereas if you are of a fearful disposition, this fear may be either conscious or unconscious, sleeping and especially going to sleep and sleeping through the night to you is difficult. Because the unresolved fear in yourself is keeping you tied to your body/emotions/thoughts and is causing them to tense up and this incapacity to relax physically/emotionally/mentally in turn is rendering it difficult for you to find rest at all. Therefore the most effective measure in overcoming sleeplessness and restless nights is to get at the bottom of your personal fears by viewing them in the light of your conscious awareness and love and to thus learn to trust in life.
If we believe in the theory of reincarnation and are faced with sleeplessness and the incapacity to find restful sleep from our earliest childhood onwards, then one possible explanation might be that we have been forced to leave our physical body very suddenly and/or painfully in the past. Hence there is the deep-seated fear that this might happen again involuntarily if you are leaving your body unattended. (This calls to mind the millions of soldiers and innocent civilians killed in the wars of human history...)

Here is another theory: the reason why many ageing individuals are faced with growing sleeplessness is not because they have less need for sleep but because their Ego's unconscious fear of death is becoming more imminent. Hence their inner tension is increasing and keeping them from truly resting at night. If this theory be true, then mental affirmations like: 'I have all the time in the world at my disposal - now and at all times' ought to remedy this kind of wakefulness.

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