Sunday, 13 October 2013


Love is life and life is love and both can only be truly experienced in the here-now.
Therefore, that which is important in life is what you are and know right here and now and in how far you are able to love yourself, gratefully appreciate your existence and live peacefully with your neighbours. It is of no importance whatsoever what you did yesterday unless that, which you experienced then has increased your love and understanding. Nor does it matter what you are planning upon doing tomorrow unless you are able live freely and joyfully today even if this future perspective never came to pass.
To love in the here and now is to be wise because it endows you with an understanding that allows you to know life in a way which no amount of studying can bring you.
So your memories of past experiences are only of value and importance if you are remembering them in order to look for the lessons of love they are hiding within themselves.

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