Wednesday, 16 October 2013


If we are incarnated in a physical body and lving on earth for the reason to come to know God trough ourselves then it is necessary for us to actively try to approach both God and ourselves in deepening our understanding. There are uncountable methods of doing this but in my opinion the easiest and most effective ones are those which are practised every day and need no special provisions and conditions.
So there is your personal everday life.
To cultivate and to keep to daily routines is equally valuable as giving yourself room for improvisation and intuitive actions and as important as daring to try doing new things from time to time or the habitual ones in a different way. Habitual actions are creating a regular rhythm in your life and are leaving your mind free to lift itself above your personal existence and interests, to fly to greater heights by the contemplation of life, God and the Beauty of His Creation. Whereas unplanned intervals in your daily schedule are giving you the opportunity to deepen your awareness and attunement for your intuition. While deliberately breaking out from your routine and to try doing things differently and challenging yourself with new actions is providing you with an opportunity for personal growth.

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