Tuesday, 29 October 2013


All human beings are sharing a mind-pool, a higher mind from whence we are receiving ideas and thoughts according to our vibrational frequency. However most people are still unconscious of this fact and are thus interpreting their thoughts and ideas as purely personal inventions and phenomenons. Accordingly, they are regarding instances, which are being caused by this invisible connection, as coincidences instead of recognizing them as natural causes of mental attunement amongst those concerned.
The worldwide web and mobile communications are simply demonstrating the actual reality of our global inter-connectedness upon a higher level, which to most people still is an incredible and even inconceivable reality. However the day will come when everyone will recognize the truth about this shared consciousness. Provided the general trend in society does not get lost in total dependency upon these electronic devices but starts back the other way towards the realization of our as yet unused faculties of inter-communication via telepathy.
Because we are all connected amongst each other mentally, we are also able to consciously transmit thoughts and thus theoretically do not necessarily have to depend upon mobile phones, SMS and emails to communicate.
You can practise this invisible way of communication with people you know well in order to develop your faculties of telepathy and to gain confidence therein. One way of doing it is by typing out messages but not sending them digitally but only in thoughts. Or not typing them but only thinking and directing them clearly. It is advisable to begin with short messages of a simple content.

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