Monday, 7 October 2013


Generally it is the spiritual levels which are creating the denser levels of existence. However the invisible and the manifest spheres of life are closely interdependent and so the lower realms can also have an impact upon the higher ones.
Hatha Yoga is one way to influence ones higher realities by conscious practise of exercises upon the lower levels of being.
Here are a couple of examples how it can work:
To practise surrender in physical yoga postures can help to open the heart to the Creator and His creation and to willingly accept the present moment the way it is instead of always wanting it to be different.
Stretching the physical body as it is being done in the various Asana is a kind of opening up to the force of life. It is rendering happy at the the level of the heart and depending upon your personal intention in practising the postures the blissful feeling that is being generated is accordingly deep. Of course, it can also be explained from a scientific standpoint in saying that the postures are affecting the endocrine system and are triggering certain hormones to be released in the body. However ultimately it is the widening of the physical body combined with conscious direction of breath and awareness which are causing the experience of bliss, the endocrine system is really only a secondary reaction. All scientific explanations are really only attemps on part of the rationalists to explain the inexplicaple wonders of life.

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