Wednesday, 16 October 2013


If you wish to rid yourself of extraneous influences you have to centre your awareness is your own being. You have to focus your attention upon your silent centre within, instead of allowing it to drift off with thoughts, emotions, desires and fears which are generally all related to the past and strongly influenced by your subconscious and thus out if your control.
If you are focussed upon your still centre your auric field is clearly demarcated and you are in control of your perceptions. In this manner your auric field might be small or large it does not matter, you are in control of who or what is allowed to enter it because you are aware of yourself. Whereas, if your attention is unconsciously absorbed by the fluctuations of your mind, emotions and physical sensations your auric field is open to foreign influences, simply because you are not truly "there". Thus anyone and anything can enter your personal energy field and feed on it. And because there is no clear boundary to it, it is usually spread far and wide and you are finding yourself wondering why you are often feeling so depressed/exhausted/angry etc for seemingly no reason.
However, there are some dark forces which can enter even a clearly demarcated auric field. Therefore, it is useful to consciously put up a shield against such energetic intruders in addition to holding your focus centred. Also you can ask Angels and Beings of Light to support your endeavours. Trying to shield yourself off from them and asking the angels for protection without first centring your awareness is of no use at all because your wandering awareness is unconsciously  constantly attracting additional uncontrolled forces. And not even angels can protect your dwelling place if you, its host, are out with the "devils".

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