Monday, 7 October 2013


Misunderstandings between two people occur when their personal realities are incompatible with each other, either per se or just in the situation at hand. Everyone has their own way of understanding and interpreting words. Furthermore personal fear is narrowing down ones perception of their variety of meaning and pre-conditioning ones understanding of them. Therefore the less you are weighed down by personal fears the more fully are you able to comprehend what others are telling you even though their personal way of perceiving life might be quite different from your own. So if you are in the habit of misunderstanding people or/and of feeling misunderstood by them regularly maybe you should try to find out what unconscious fear within your own self is causing you this obstacle.
If you are completely free of personal fears you are always understanding your fellow men irrespective of their choice of words in articulating themselves. Even though they in their turn might be misunderstanding you at times. However, because you are understanding them you also see where their misunderstanding is coming from and thus do not care about it but patiently accept it.

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