Monday, 2 September 2013


Because the Ego knows itself to be a transient sojourner in life and it is strenuously trying to find/keep/hold on to things and places where it is feeling itself at home and people with whom this can be experienced. Consequently, if you are living in the reality of your Ego-mind you have to be constantly exerting yourself to find and especially to keep your "homes", both on the physical as well as a mental-emotional level. And to cling to the people with whom you are connecting your idea of home. However, because life is forever changing, there will inevitably be times when the things, places and people you have known as your "homes" change, disappear or you have to leave them yourself.
If you do not wish to be unsettled by such occurrences any longer, simply change your mode of awareness and tune into the sphere of your Heart.
At the innermost core of your Heart you can experience your connection to the God Source and to His Unity of Creation. Therefore, if you are living in the reality of the Heart you are feeling at home and a sense of belonging no matter where you are, wherever you go and with whomever you are together in the exterior world.

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